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Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:01 am
by omniplex
On the XnView forum a user reported thumbnail issues with Big Buck Bunny in various formats, and I tested it with Media Preview, arriving at no thumbnail at all and serious problems. But that might be as expected for a VP9 WEBM.

In other words, how about a refresh? Apart from VP9 there should be also an obscure (for me) new "alias pix" image format in libav, and "based on FFmpeg 3.0 as of 2016" sounds better than "based on some vintage 2014 libav". Still no BPG in the Einstein (3.0) FFmpeg, sadly.

Re: Einstein

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:18 am
by BabelSoft
LOL, with the topic's subject and a text filled with links, I thought it was another spam...

Contrary to media players, thumbnailers don't need to have the very last version of FFmpeg as it's only used to extract images, a much simpler task than complete video rendering. But yes, nevertheless Media Preview should benefit from an up to date version of FFmpeg. Before doing this, I however need to finish and clean some ongoing modifications...