Thanks for a Great Product!

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Thanks for a Great Product!

Post by keotek » Wed May 01, 2019 12:32 pm

I know this isn't exactly a support issue, but I really wanted to thank you for creating a front-end that doesn't just half-ass(or make it damn near impossible(difficult? Tedious?) to set up like the others BUT FINALLY ADDRESSES THE ISSUES that have plagued MameUI for over a 40 versions now. The MESS Emulation has been lacking in the hardware/device emulation and it seemed like they were always going to "get around to it in a future version" to be completely honest and offer full disclosure here though, I haven't completely set up Negatron or NegaMAME yet, but when I started reading the guide and saw how you are not only tackling the device and other hardware emulation issues but seem genuinely grasp the problems plaguing MESS in MAME that the Devs seem to keep pushing to the back burner that they had decided "Well that's good enough, I know it's a real pain in the ass to configure every machine's .ini file and the default can rarely cover even 2 machines without having to customize EACH machine from scratch having to make so many alterations to each individual machine's setup that you can easily spend hours trying to get a machine (Amiga and C64 in my case were my first attempts and getting a hard drive emulated and adding floppies almost had me deciding that "I really didn't want to emulate those old machines anyway!") set up to your preferred hardware and device setup when You get one machine set up you want to scream realizing you are going through the same work and effort for the next machine. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SEEING A PROBLEM AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


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Re: Thanks for a Great Product!

Post by BabelSoft » Mon May 06, 2019 2:54 am

You're quite welcome :mrgreen:
But as most things, I did it first for me. When I saw it could also be useful to others, I simply released it for anybody to try it :D

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