Conflict with BitDefender Antivirus Free

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Conflict with BitDefender Antivirus Free

Post by BradYonder »

Just wanted to mention, latest version of Negatron is being reported as a malicious file by BitDefender. I made an exception rule so that I could play, but thought you should know. Will also let BD know.
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Re: Conflict with BitDefender Antivirus Free

Post by BabelSoft »

Thanks for reporting and for your help.

It's probably due to the fact that Negatron.exe is calling java.exe by forcing the same security credentials onto Java to avoid having Windows security prompts appearing twice (once for Negatron and then twice for java). Some antivirus can report this "suspicious" behaviour as a false positive but it's really a common method to pass through complex parameters automatically so that users don't have to do anything than double-clicking an executable...
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